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Lego Dimensions is pretty great though. I'm not saying the game play is anything amazing but in true Lego game fashion the humor had me laughing more then a few times.

Dimensions Intro Screen

Couple disclaimers, I have the game on Xbox One and after the 20 minute install there was a 5.5GB patch. So if you have kids getting this game you might want to put together the characters while you install the game on the system of your choice. I will say I do dislike forced switching characters around in game. Takes me right out of what I am doing. I know this is marketed at kids so... shurg?

Below is my collection of Dimensions characters. The Portal level pack was amazing! Lego/WB truly kept the spirit of Portal while making the game accessible and fun.

My character collection so far

My collection with links to Lego's site for descriptions.

Xbox One Starter Pack

Portal 2 Level Pack

Wonder Woman Fun pack

Cyborg Fun Pack

Why Wonder Woman? Main reason was during my Portal level play through some of the secret areas could only be accessed by her. Figured since I had some Best Buy certificates from ordering some games I'd take advantage of a special they were running on Fun Packs and stack it on my Gamers Club Unlocked (everyone should have GCU)

by Joe Dunn

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