Destiny Review

The Best Half Done Game You'll Pay Full Price For

Let's start by saying, that I'm warming up to Destiny. (The developer, Bungie, has always been one of my favorites. The Halo franchise, Marathon, and Oni hold special places in my heart.) I didn't play the Destiny alpha on PS4 or the beta on Xbox One. I did that, so that I could have a fresh prepective on my first play. My opinion, so far, is that the game is confused. Is it a single player game, an MMO, or a little bit of both?

First, let's start with the good. Once you hit Venus and Mars, the game really comes into its own. The aliens you fight on these planets are great and varied. I think there are nods to the Mass Effect Geth and the Jiralhanae of Halo. Head shots feel great, and they remind me of the Grunt birthday party skull in Halo. I found decoding items you have found to be a lot of fun. (Who doesn't love surprises?) I really got into the story on Mars, but dammit, Bungie! You up and stopped the game, just when when I was hooked. I've hit level 20 already.

My Hunter

Multiplayer is also interesting but slightly maddening. Most of the time, I get my butt handed to me severely. I feel like you will always be fighting for a slightly better weapon, so you can complete in multiplayer. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I know World of Warcraft has the arena system, and I assume Destiny is meant to be like that. Coming from Titanfall, I would prefer a more level set multiplayer. I can handle a level 50 characeter in Titanfall at level 1. Before someone says that Destiny is not Titanfall, I completely agree. I just prefer to play mutliplayer, when a legendary weapon plays less of a role in my kill / death ratio.

Legendary weapons aside, I find the weapons in Destiny varied enough to keep my interest - a pulse rifle here, a scout rifle there, a rocket launcher to get myself out of trouble.... There definitely is a right tool for each job. However, my go to tool is the automatic rifle - perfect for aiming at some alien's head. I wish the ammo, especially the special and heavy, was a little more abundant, but I think maybe that system will be tweaked.

This strike was fun

Now, the bad. The networking (at least on the Xbox One) is awful. Bungie wants me to blame bees, centipedes, and elks. I want to blame Bungie, and I do. When I leave a fire team, why do I have to go back into space? Why can't I have promixity chat? Why can't I run a strike with more then three people? Why did the single player have to be SO short? Why does creating a fireteam involve having to completely restart the game or reboot my Xbox One? Why do I assume I'll be subsidzing the extended campaign I deserve through downloadable content? Why can't I play the same character across different platforms (PS4/Xbox One)?

I stopped to look around here for a while

All in all, I dig the game. I think that as I play more strikes with my friends, I will enjoy the game more. I'm more than willing to wager, that when the two DLC packs come up, this game will feel very much completed and well rounded. Maybe wait for the "Game of the Year edition"? I'm not sure. I guess for me, my decision to support a great studio, which is trying out a new IP in an industry plagued with the same ole same ole, is worth some bugs and not a ton of content.

Give Destiny a spin. Enjoy the Garden and let me know what you think.

by Joe Dunn

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